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When will the next public update be released?

I'm interested ^-^

So, I'm a bit confused by the fact that there have been multiple updates but I'm not seeing any content beyond the point where it was initially. Do you have a changelog you can put up here?

Sorry, I didn't  read  how the mechanics of the site works  and didn't  know that every update the subscriber receives notifications.
Those updates were only to  correct the text and the  code's error.

It won't happen again

Oh, I don't have notifications set for it, it's just that it says Update instead of Launch if there is an update available.


I want to Android download it game pls 


Thank you very much for your interest in our game. We plan to port it to Android immediately after 2-3 full builds, where you can already see the progress in the history and the choices you have made


The VN itself is pretty good, aside from a few grammar mistakes here and there or some missing words, if I had to give three main points of feedback...

1. Within choices, you want to keep the words to a minimum. Let the dialogue and thoughts leading into the choices decide them rather than have entire complex sentences in the choice itself.
2. Try to focus on the flow of a conversation and thoughts into the dialogue. Let them play off each other, reading through your story aloud and seeing where your tongue trips up can tell you when you need to try different ways of writing it out.
3. Try to be consistent with tenses outside of dialogue, it helps keep the reader grounded in what type of story it is. I hear Present tense is best for VNs but what tense you take depends on the story you are making.


Bit early to point out errors dont ya say? clearly shows its onto some beta testing, we cant expect everything to be top notch when released.


Guys, we are happy to see interest in our project. Of course this is only the beta version which will be updated and checked for errors and improved on issues of text and dialogues.
The most important thing that gives an impetus to develop this further is your interest, thank you very much for this.

Hey This is a very nice demo!! The music is great! The writing is good. Also there's a furry  visual novel discord server for dev if you want to join pls click on this link you can interact with other dev and ask for help.