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Super omnia - sci-fi visual novel


About 0.4.1update - 

It adds a small amount of new material, in addition to which you will need to improve. I made this build just to motivate myself to finish this chapter at least before Christmas, since I was having trouble getting this game released. There will be a more detailed post about this in Patron.

Sorry for such a long wait, but really there are reasons for that and I hope I get over it and builds will come out every month instead of once every half year


The story tells about a man who found himself on another planet under extraordinary circumstances, the reason for which he will have to solve, while at the same time getting acquainted with a world full of characters.

It will be easier to follow releases and news on the Patreon page. Enjoy exploring the world "Super omnia". 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LysDesign_

Discord: https://discord.gg/vguTQztKZf

NSFW content (temporarily without nsfw arts )
it will be in future builds


Future Build INFO: we try to publish half of the chapters at least once a month, and the full one within two - so far our team is not so big, but we are sure we will accelerate in the future (;ω;)

We will be very happy if you support us on Patreon

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(113 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAdult, Dating Sim, Furry, Gay, LGBT, Male protagonist, NSFW, Ren'Py, Sci-fi
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, Russian


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Superomnia-0.4.0b-pc.zip 519 MB
Superomnia-0.4.0b-mac.zip 504 MB
Superomnia-0.4.0b-android..apk 531 MB
Android if 1st didnt work

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I don't think there will be an update. There not even updating there patron page. I even sent a message to them and never got a response back form them. i sent that in October. I canceled my subscription to there page because why waist money if there not gonna say nothing. anyway I do hope they come back. 


I can't wait to it game update 


I played the game a little bit till the protagonist started to cry right at the beginning and I lost motivation because like a another game I play the main person kept crying over and over and over and it got so annoying, but yeah that art look great but I'm give it a go again and if if the protagonist keeps crying, I'm done.


looool yeah cry baby mcs are a whole trend in fvn unfortunatly.


Truly a hidden gem and a fresh new take on the "transmigration" genre with a good story  and  a great cast of characters, the only thing it needs is a proofreader and some polish and it will be perfect !!! ( I am not complaining, I already love this vn <3 )

the genre your reffering to is called isekai

(1 edit)

Well, as far as I know "isekai" is not technically a recognized or accepted genre but fantasy. Although when it started to become very popular, especially in Asia, people started to refer to it as it's own genre. Since one of my new collections is called Isekai – FVN, I too, see it as it's own established genre. ("Isekai" actually just means "different world" in Japanese)


Esqueci de mencionar a historia, não sei se é por que eu sou fã de ficção científica, mas eu adorei a historia. estou mais com grande hype para esse jogo, bom trabalho a todos os envolvidos.

I forgot to mention the story, I don’t know if it’s because I’m a sci-fi fan, but I loved the story. I’m more with great hype for this game, good work to all involved.


Dar para perceber o carinho que estão colocando no jogo, a arte do cenário e dos personagem é incrível, principalmente as expressões que o Hercule tem (não lembro se é assim que escreve), me divedia com cada expressão que ele fazia.

Português ---> Inglês for Reverso Context

Giving to realize the affection they are putting in the game, the art of the scenery and the character is incredible, especially the expressions that Hercule has (I do not remember if that’s how he writes), I shared with each expression he made.

I liked the characters! I liked Quint the most. Good luck in developing this game!

That leopard  looks so familiar 



He participates in this game ^^

I thought  he looks familiar that is awesome 😊 

Man this just makes me break for Hercule.. to think that someone you've known for so long and even thought about being something more can just suddenly get replaced by a total stranger. That must've hurt so much and he can still try to help with a smile not even knowing if his real friend will ever be back again.

see i saw the tiger/lion/tigerlion/cheetah on the homepage and instantly felt the need to download it. i love those species.


When update



Good game, well done story, beautiful art, the only thing missing is support for the people behind it to be able to polish this diamond.

what is the average time between updates ? 

what the different  of android 1 and 2?

it's just that the files are in different sources - the itchio server and google drive
(the last build had a problem with the itchio server)


I really hope that this time everything works and there are no problems with installing the game, last time there was a problem



Just played through this.  Lovely game, interesting concept!  Thanks for your work on it, can't wait for more!


dude in the game all he as 2 say is that on earth ther is granite mineral that can only be found on earth then they ask the fuck how do you know that then bam he win


any updates on this visual novel

(1 edit) (+2)

When is the next update going to be?


Since update 0.3.0e it says: "This title is hostet on an incompatible third-pary website". :(


is there a problem with downloading because of this? there are links to google drive, can't you get there when you try to download the game?

Yes, thank you! :)

Ok, what a dumb answer of me. Since your game is on this platform, I figured I should tell you that I can't download it here (in-app). I don't know if I'm the only one with that problem. I can download it outside of the app though! :)

Ah, I get it now :D. but I will not be able to fix this problem - I don't know why, but in the last build, the game refused to install if I uploaded installation files to this site directly - and I found a solution to add links to Google drive, not the files themselves

russian isekai is truly the best 

(2 edits) (+3)

I shrugged it off at first because I thought it was just a couple of flukes in the first updates but there seems to be an awful lot of weird choices of words and small “grammar mistakes” in this vn. I bring this up only because personally I found that this last update (0.3.0e) felt hard to read because of this.

Take these lines for example (all back to back btw):

“Under the coat hid clothes that looked more like ordinary everyday clothes, and still looked quite human-like.”

“Her face is so calm and pleasant that it even seemed familiar to me, to some person from the Earth.”

“But most likely it just seems.”

“What can be noted from the atypical is a different color for each eye. But the shade was not entirely clear, as her glasses also had a color close to her hair color.”

Like, I understand what it says but it’s still very weird to read, and there’s a lot of this kind of stuff. I’m not one to care much for “grammatical errors” and such (because, like, descriptivism and stuff, you know?) but these are the kind that make things a bit unpleasant to read.

(Don’t get me wrong, I like this vn and wrote this comment as feedback, I don’t want it to come across like this was written as an insult to the team behind this vn or anything like that, far from it, I find putting the effort into making a vn and making it free for people to play incredibly cool of y’all)

(1 edit) (+5)

oh, I'm actually looking for people who could help me with editing the text, even if a payment is required, since I translate a novel myself, being a writer, having an average level of English

could you help? if yes, please write me:
telegram - @dimmmli
discord - Pumpy_Neil#1663

Anyone (;ω;)

(1 edit)

I am also very invested in this VN, but I found it hard to read, but if you want, I could maybe help you out on some of the translations. I'm not a Russian speaker or anything, nor am I a writer of some sort, but I would like to help you out, so people can read your novel without any problem. I'll send you a friend request on discord, so we can talk about this more in privat.

Ho Damn! Qunit's sprite wow! Balanced between large yet soft sort of textured design! And just like that cliffhanger! Darn!

0.3.0e finally work


yey ^^

Same! Wonder what the issue was... but happy to have double checked itch! I can't stop scratching that itch! XP

I don 't know why - but the error is in the itch.io , I didn't change anything, but just uploaded the builds by Googl drive to this site, not directly, and everything worked...
weird as f...


Flirtatious shark, a little too dominant for my taste. Would date if the MC gets to top him, 8/10


Please tell me that Quint Is/ or will be dateble

I love you guys! (and girls in this case)



When the next update is coming? I'm excited ^^


Ayo! Im waitin and excited for the next part.


Проект "умер"?

нет, мы занимаемся сборкой, скорее всего она выйдет 9-го числа, но не публикуеем даты так как боимся снова прошляпиться

ubdates ?

Deleted post

how many time before next update?

If I understood correctly 0.3.0 should go public when 0.4.0 will be released for Patreons.

That should be about a week or more after they get 0.3.5, which was announced to be delayed on september 24th.

So next public update probably late october or early november

Please dont take this the wrong way but, is this VN still alive?


lol yes :D
just big delays with the publication this month

Is 20.9.2021 Where's the Update??

I dead ass sat here confused af about the 20th month lol

not all countrys have the same date set the 20 is day and the 9 is month that is wh

"20 is day and the 9 is month that is wh" - ummmm, plz clarify 

(2 edits) (+1)

its like i replacet the places with the month and day 

20             9        2021                          You have it Like this

DD         MM       YY                                    9           20     2021 

                                                                          MM      DD     YY

I’m personally a fan of YYYY/MM/DD since that way sorting “alphabetically” (even tho it’s numbers, but you get it) or by date is functionally the same (when using 0s as filler, so 2021/09/20)

Temporary problems with publishing. we are trying to fix them

its good it has the Option if ur gay straight or By sexual when ur in the Shower Cuz well Am straight i like women Not men

Since it said there will be NSFW art in the future im just wondering will it be man/woman or man/man or route? im about to play the game so  just thought i would ask

We plan to add both content, but m/m will have an advantage in the amount of 80% by 20% (f/f will not be)

But - the game has a choice of the orientation of the main character, which will allow you to avoid mandatory scenes, phrases and dialogues that are not inherent in this orientation

We hope that everyone will feel comfortable playing


I mean... wow

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